Alignvest Management Corporation (“AMC” or “Alignvest”) is a leading international alternative investment management firm that seeks to deliver exceptional risk adjusted returns for our clients by identifying and exploiting market discontinuities and attracting the very best talent to build industry leading investment platforms. The firm was created with the founding principle of increasing the alignment between asset managers and their clients.

Alignvest’s clients include leading pension plans, foundations and ultra-high net worth family offices. The firm was established exclusively with over $275 million of its partners’ personal capital which has been committed to Alignvest for a minimum of 10 years. A significant portion of the partners’ capital is contributed to each investment resulting in direct and explicit alignment between the firm and its clients.

Alignvest seeks to recruit and partner only with best in class investors. Our portfolio managers and investment partners are seasoned investment professionals with proven success investing large sums of capital in markets that offer disproportionately attractive risk adjusted returns.

Alignvest currently offers five investment platforms using public and private markets strategies: Alignvest Capital Management, Greyson Capital Management, Alignvest Private Capital, Alignvest Private Debt and Alignvest Investment Management.